Peter Moss Leukemia
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We are a group of volunteers who are in the first stages of registering as a non profit in Sabadell (Barcelona). It is our mission to defeat Leukemia, and we are dedicated to researching into the latest Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things technologies, and how they can be used in the fight against Leukemia and other bone marrow and blood cancers.

Our Mission

Our mission, since 2018, is to advance Leukemia medical research using the latest Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies, including early detection and drug discovery. We aim to ensure our research, findings, and technologies remain free to anyone that can benefit from their use, whether personal, educational or commercial, providing they contribute back to the community.

Early Detection

Our primary research project focuses on Convolutional Neural Networks & Generative Adversarial Networks for early detection of Acute Myeloid & Acute Lymphoblastic.

Classifiers Repository

Drug Discovery

Our primary AI drug discovery strategy continues to be focused on the use of GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) for computational discovery of new bioactive molecules.

Drug Discovery Repository

Natural Language

We develop open and free Artificial Neural Networks for Natural Language Support Agents to assist Acute Myeloid / Lymphoblastic Leukemia patients, families and friends of leukemia sufferers.

Conversational Agents Repository

Student Program

Find Out More Info About Our Student Program

The Peter Moss AML/ALL AI Student Program provides college & university students with real world projects & experience in working with AI for medical purposes, helping further their education and understanding.

Our students communicate with our professors, remotely and in person, and are actively involved in reproducing the results published by various researchers, and developing new models and algorithms for the same. As our student program is an online initiative, Research Interns can participate from anywhere in the world.

Featured Students

Estela Cabezas

Estela Cabezas

BSc Biotechnology
Research Intern
Thesis case study based on the project.
Represents the project at technology events & conferences.

Taru Jain

Taru Jain

Pre-final year undergrad B.Tech in IT
Research Intern
Researches into Convolutional Neural Networks & Generative Adversarial Networks for clinical systems

Currently there are 3 active students and around 12 students awaiting to start. The program is still very new and we are in the process of planning everything out. We are not accepting new applications at this stage.

Join Us!

Our goal is to advance Leukemia medical research using the latest Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Our team is a group of volunteers with experience in Internet of Things, Computer Vision / Natural Language Processing, Leukemia Research, Biochemistry, Molecular Biophysics, Immunology and Bioinformation. If you would like to join our team as a professional volunteer, please fill out our Professional Volunteer Application.

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Research Projects

The Peter Moss Acute Myeloid & Lymphoblastic Leukemia AI Research Project is where everything began in 2018. The research project is an open source initiative with the goals of leveraging Artificial Intelligence to help detect AML/ALL, discover potential candidates for drugs to help combat the diseases, and provide conversational support agents.

The Covid-19 AI Research Project is a Peter Moss Leukemia AI Research research project with the goal of creating open source Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technologies to assist in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Information Directory

View The Peter Moss Leukemia AI Research Open Information Directory

Since our first research project began, we have been dedicated to finding sharing open information with our community. The Leukemia AI Research Information Database is a collection of open information related to Leukemia, other bone marrow cancers and blood diseases.

This database began in 2018 as a Github repository on the Peter Moss AML & ALL AI Research Project Github organization. The AML ALL Research Archive will remain active, feel free to check it out.

You will currently find information about Research Centers / Hospitals & Universities, Code, Research Papers, and Datasets, as well as other useful categories coming in the future.

Latest Events

The Leukemia AI Research Events area is where you will find profiles for events we have organised, spoke at, or visited. The profiles provide information, photos, videos and links for events related to medical technologies, particularly artificial intelligence for medical use.

Who We Are

Adam Milton-Barker

Adam Milton-Barker
Founder / R&D

Virginia Mijes Martin

Virginia Mijes Martin
Co Founder / Marketing

Javier  Lopez Alonso

Javier Lopez Alonso
Co Founder / R&D

Ho Leung Ng

Ho Leung Ng
Drug Discovery R&D

Dr. Amita Kapoor

Dr. Amita Kapoor
Student Program Team / R&D

Rishabh Banga

Rishabh Banga
Student Program Team / R&D

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to the fight against Leukemia with technology. We have experience in IoT, computer vision / natural language processing, Leukemia research, biochemistry, molecular biophysics, immunology and bioinformation.

Since 2018 we have been volunteering our spare time to researching into how artificial intelligence can be used for early detection of leukemia, drug discovery, and conversational support agents.

Acute Myeloid & Lymphoblastic Leukemia Detection System


Intel Devmesh AI Spotlight Award

The Peter Moss Acute Myeloid/Lymphoblastic Leukemia Detection System is a featured project on Intel Devmesh, the Intel Developer Zone social network.

The project is an open source extension of the GeniSys AI Artificial Intelligence Network that allows you to upload AML/ALL test data and run classifications to detect positive and negative examples using Intel technologies.

The project has recently been voted 1st in Europe out of 4 projects, and awarded the Intel® DevMesh AI Spotlight Award which is a new designation granted by Intel recognizing inspiring and breakthrough Artificial Intelligence projects in development from the Intel software community.

Visit This Project On Intel Devmesh...

Leukemia AI Research

Peter Moss Leukemia AI Research will soon be a non profit research association dedicated to researching into the latest Artificial Intelligence and Internet Of Things technologies, and how they can be used in the fight against cancer, in particular Leukemia.

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